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Appearance Protection Packages: Pinstripes & Moldings

Pinstriping increases the appearance of a vehicle, giving it that unique accent to finalize its style. The packages also have the option of including wheel moldings and door edge guards for both protection and additional design. This can be sold as an "appearance protection package" to your customers, both giving the car a unique look while safe guarding the wheel wells and door edges from scratches and damage. 

Rear dealer website stickers can be added on, as well as a small “additional merchandise added, please ask dealer for price” window stickers. A full package includes all of the above.





Quick Clings

These static cling price decals are easy to install, removable, and re-usable. The best part is, they are inexpensive!! They are fully customizable for your dealership’s needs with custom colors, prices, sizes, and logos.


If you drop these decals on the ground, no problem! Just wash them off and they are ready for use. Rushing to get a purchase out the door, or have a change in price? It takes seconds to peel off the static cling leaving NO residue and there is NO need for special removal tools. Can be used on the body and window of any vehicle.



Partial Wraps

Partial Wraps Mini Cooper

Every dealership should have at least one of these at all times ready to roll for exposure. Examples are fundraisers, golf outings, parades, local events, and any other areas you would like to increase recognition. We have received comments two days after delivery of a local dealership partial wrap that the vehicle received national exposure by the manufacturer and was complimented as a very professional presentation of the dealership. Rotate salesmen to drive the vehicle to different locations. Look professional against the competition. The advertising cost per exposure is priceless for this marketing idea.





Vehicle Lettering

There is always simples and unique lettering options for pricing and advertising on your vehicles. These are not reusable, need some installation skills, and take time to remove. They have a longer durability rating, great and low cost for Courtesy Loaner vehicles!


Vehicle Window Decals

These advertising tools stimulate activity and make the customer begin the journey of the purchase when boldly posted on a car out front. It gets people to look twice and increases the chance for a visit. Everyone in sales knows it’s a numbers game. For every person that visits your dealer, how many end up being final sales?

Window Decal 6000WindowNumbers

The factors that raise this percentage are based on customer satisfaction, product knowledge, vehicle presentation, and comfort of customers in establishment. First, they need to come in and experience what you are working hard to establish.




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